Vladimir Medvedev: Ukraine does not even plan to implement Minsk agreements

Recent statements of the leadership of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicate that Kiev’s power continues to sabotage the Minsk agreements. Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladimir Medvedev commented on three scenarios of the resolution of the conflict in Donbass for Ukraine, which were announced in Ukrainian mass media by Vadim Pristaiko.

ʺI would like to draw your attention to the fact that of the three scenarios voiced by Pristaiko, there is not a single one, in which the Minsk agreements are implemented. In other words, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry does not see a hypothetical possibility of fulfilling signed agreements under the Steinmeier formula and it plans in advance how to shift responsibility for sabotage to the Russian Federation in the near future.

Moreover, Pristaiko is taking on deciding for the president of the Russian Federation whether he is ready for negotiations in Normandy format or not. I would like to recommend the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry not to decide for the leaders of other countries, but to be responsible for the obligations of his own country.

Presidents in Ukraine change, but a political style remains the same. Complete irresponsibility, constant attempts to blame Russia for its problems and having illusions that such behavior in the international arena will go unpunished – new Ukrainian leadership, unfortunately, has completely inherited all these features from the previous power. There is hope that other participants of the Normandy format will hold Ukraine accountable and the conflict in Donbass will be resolved peacefully,ʺ the deputy underlined.

It should be reminded that the Head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Vadim Pristaiko described three scenarios, where Ukraine would complete the Minsk process in Donbass, in the programme “Freedom of Speech” on the ICTV channel. The first one is a power projected scenario with the support of the army, the second one is the involvement of international peacekeeping forces, the third one involves freezing of the conflict.

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