Vladimir Moshkin: Fluctuations in fuel prices will have little impact on consumer prices

Deputy of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Moshkin in an interview to the online publication DNR-Live commented on the fluctuations in fuel prices in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The parliamentarian stressed that after the increase in the cost of gasoline, its price remains lower than it was before the reduction in excise tax rates. As for propane, its cost at some gas stations reached 26 rubles per liter.

Back in August, the price of A-95 gasoline was about 55 rubles per liter. Now the price ranges from 49 to 52 rubles. I do not think that today’s fluctuation will have a global impact on consumer prices.

The fact is that most commercial vehicles use gas, which is known to be cheaper, as fuel. The rise in price of gasoline, of course, will affect a certain part of the population. As a rule, these are owners of more or less expensive cars that do not have gas equipment installed. I think that the increase in prices will also be felt by the car owners that use diesel fuel. However, let me remind you that before the excise tax was cut, both gasoline and diesel fuel were even more expensive,” the deputy said.

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