Vladislav Berdichevsky: a Ukrainian in Poland for similar work gets half as much as a Pole

Deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky on the air of the On the One Page programme on the Kometa radio station commented on the message of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense that 11 thousand officers and contract servicemen left the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

“The visa-free regime for Ukraine has pushed its citizens to the fact that they have massively started to travel to the territory of the European Union in order to find work. For example, in Poland, a Ukrainian earns half as much as a Pole for a similar job. Residents of Ukraine agree on the most difficult and unskilled labour, but for the Ukrainian labour migrants it is still a lot of money. To date, 90% of Ukrainian servicemen are ordinary people, living in their villages and having no and work. So now they have a choice: to go to the Donbass risking their life or go to Poland to work in greenhouses or at a construction site as a labourer.

I think that this alternative served as one of the reasons that the outflow of servicemen from the ranks of the Ukrainian army began. In addition, despite the ideological pumping, people see that the People’s Republics have been existing for the fifth year, and the promises of the commanders to complete the ‘ATO’ in a matter of hours, days or weeks have long been believed by no one,” the deputy said.

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