Vladislav Berdichevsky: Donbass roots for peace, but our people are to independently determine their future fate

MP of the DPR People’s Council Vladislav Berdichevsky, in a commentary for the Federal News Agency, battered a statement of the Special Representative of OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine, Martin Sajdik, about the possibility of freezing the conflict in Donbass according to the Transnistrian scenario.

The parliamentarian stated that Donetsk expected the OSCE to resolve the conflict in Donbass, and not to freeze it.

“Donetsk is primarily expecting assistance in de-escalation of the conflict, but by no means the fact that the OSCE Special Representative in the Contact Group would openly take the position of one of the conflicting parties.

On top of that, the party which Mr. Sajdik pleads for, has done everything for six years to fan the flames of the confrontation – from the blockade imposed by radicals and supported by Kiev, and ending with the infringement of the rights and freedoms of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine and the territory of Donbass, which is under its control,” Vladislav Berdichevsky noted.

He suggested that the data on the financial encouragement of Sajdik from various Western organizations for supporting Ukraine in the international political arena was far from fiction.

“We have reminded the Ukrainian leaders many times, we will also remind Martin Sajdik that the Package of Measures and the Steinmeier Formula are international agreements signed by both parties in the presence of guarantor states. The procedure for fulfilling the clauses is clearly spelled out in them, and such an experienced politician and diplomat as Martin Sajdik should not allow himself to distort the essence of such documents for the sake of his own benefit. Donbass has always been rooting for peace, and we expect that our desire to end the war will be supported by the international community; however, our people will independently determine their future fate and decide by what laws they will live on their land,” the deputy concluded.

Vladislav Berdichevsky added that the People’s Republics would expect a more objective and balanced assessment of the current events in Donbass from the next OSCE Special Representative.

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