Vladislav Berdichevsky: Kiev has been strengthening nationalist rhetoric for a quarter of century, which has led to split in country

The level of Mr. Zelensky’s cynicism and hypocrisy reached the indicators of the previous President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladislav Berdichevsky in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺZelensky compared Donbass and Crimea to children, who were taken away from them. He said that Crimea had been stolen and Donbass had been locked in a room and put under guard. I would like to ask him a question: Are we talking about the same territories? If Ukraine loves Crimes and Donbass so much, then why did it cut off electricity in Crimea and why does it keep methodically destroying Donbass with shelling and economic blockade ʺ the deputy said.

Vladislav Berdichevsky noted that the policy of total ukrainianization was one of the reasons why the conflict in the east of the country occurred.

ʺUkraine turned out to be a bad parent for its children. She could not save what she had got after the collapse of the Soviet Union and preserve unity in the state.

If we compare Crimea and Donbass to children, who were taken away, then they are only comparable with those, who were removed from a dysfunctional family, where parents did not care about them. Crimea and Donbass were not forced to leave, they took a fully sovereign decision to live by their own laws, when a coup took place in Ukraine. And now Kiev continues to do everything to make our residents to enhance the willingness of following their own path, which is different from what the Ukrainian government is trying to impose,ʺ the deputy underlined.

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