Vladislav Berdichevsky: Kiev has to implement Minsk agreements, not put forward delusive initiatives to resolve conflict

A deputy of the People’s Council, Vladislav Berdichevsky, in an interview with RIA Novosti, commented on a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko regarding the need to resolve the conflict in Donbass within six months.

“Five years of relations with Ukraine show us that statements and promises of Ukrainian officials of any rank have no real meaning. Mantras about the fact that “the whole world is on Ukraine’s side” and “everyone owes us because we are in conflict with Russia” are uttered by many Ukrainian politicians from time to time. Kiev constantly fantasizes about what will happen after the mythical entry of Western peacekeepers, the disarmament of the People’s Militia of the Republics, and gaining control over the border. However, without fulfilling the key points of the Minsk agreements, this is a futile task,” the parliamentarian said.

Vladislav Berdichevsky added that the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was groundless fantasies.

“Ukrainian politicians have no chill and daily surprise the public with their assumptions, initiatives and plans to resolve the conflict in Donbass, instead of starting to gradually implement the Set of Measures of the Minsk agreements,” the deputy summed up.

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