Vladislav Berdichevsky: Kiev will have to sit at negotiating table with DPR and LPR

Zelensky’s actions drive Ukraine further into chaos and push it towards new “Maidan”. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladislav Berdichevsky in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺZelensky is like a cat on hot tiles between Russia, United States and satellites, between nationalists and moderates, between radicals and pragmatists. However, his explanations of the essence of the Steinmeier formula and the reasons, which prompted Kiev to agree on it, did not satisfy anyone. It seems that he does not understand what to do next – because every next move drives his country further into chaos and pushes it towards new “Maidan”. I am guessing that the president of Ukraine has two scenarios.

The first one is to assure everyone that Kiev can enshrine a special status in Ukraine’s legislation and hold elections in the DPR and LPR without the consent of the Republics.

The second one is that the OSCE does not recognize local elections, if the first scenario fails and the implementation of political items of Minsk-2 to the fullest extent is failed.

In any case, something will have to be sacrificed and while Zelensky and his team decide how to get out of this one, Donbass is growing increasingly estranged from Ukraine. And the most important thing is that the DPR and LPR have been recognized in Minsk, according to signatures on the document, which means Kiev will have to sit at the negotiating table with us,ʺ Vladislav Berdichevsky said.

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