Vladislav Berdichevsky: Signing of Steinmeier formula by Kuchma is victory of Donetsk People’s Republic’s negotiators

The harmonization of the Steinmeier formula has provided an opportunity to hold a summit of the Normandy Four leaders. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Vladislav Berdicheevsky in his commentary to the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

ʺToday, Ukraine has fulfilled all the conditions laid down by the Russian Federation and now a meeting of the guarantor states’ leaders is coming up. All three starting conditions have been fulfilled by Kiev: the separation of forces and means in the Petrovskoye and Zolotoye areas, signing of the Steinmeier formula on paper and the preliminary coordination of Normandy summit’s outcome.

It should be reminded that the Package of Measures lies in the fact that our cooperation with Kiev should be solely based on building a dialogue between Ukraine and the People’s Republics as equal parties. In this case, any changes in Ukrainian law concerning Donbass should be agreed with representatives of the DPR and the LPR.

We will not back out of this requirement, and if Kiev continues to temporize and seek opportunities to circumvent it, then we part our ways. I hope that the meeting of the guarantor states of the Minsk agreements, where Zelensky will be compelled to make peace in Donbass, will take place in the near future,ʺ Vladislav Berdichevsky said.

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