Vladislav Berdichevsky: Ukraine undergoes experiment

Kiev will be able to have a dialogue with Donbass when it adequately assesses the situation in the country and punishes the criminals who started the war, People’s Council MP Vladislav Berdichevsky stated in a comment to the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“I don’t know if I will ever live to see the president of Ukraine ask his deceived, zombie people: “Tell me, I forgot, in 2013, what were we missing in the country?”

The overwhelming majority of Zelensky’s voters would probably have raised another question after those words: “So why then have we been at war for so many years then?”

But, alas, we will hear neither of questions.

Like the Germans in April 1945, ‘conscious’ Ukrainians still count on miraculous weapons, ‘aid’, file lawsuits against Gazprom, discuss missile attacks on Russian nuclear power plants and the Black Sea Fleet, await admission to NATO and the collapse of Russia from sanctions.

Basically, they are engaged in the same type of nonsense as in the days of Poroshenko. Why then they swapped him for Zelensky, it is not clear.

Ukraine is undergoing some kind of experiment, through which it is being experimentally discovered how much more 35 million people can stand up to the test of idiocy.

Neither Crimea, nor us, Donbass, have a place in this country; we got there by chance, and our only way is integration in all spheres of public life and economy with our great Homeland – Russia,” the parliamentarian said.

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