Vladislav Rusanov: Gordon follows Goebbels’s traditions

Accusing Russia of setting up Maidan and other Ukrainian troubles, Gordon is telling a monstrous lie. This was stated in a commentary to the official website of the DPR by the People’s Council MP, Vladislav Rusanov.

“In his interview, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon is keeping with Goebbels’s best traditions: to tell a lie so monstrous that it seemed true. He accuses Russia of setting up Maidan, of fomenting a fratricidal war in Ukraine, of destroying the Ukrainian economy.

I guess Gordon thinks that Donbass inhabitants lost their memory and we do not remember how Victoria Nuland brought cookies with her and how other Western politicians supported Maidan and betrayed the legitimate president of Ukraine. Apparently, Gordon as the full-time Kiev propagandist thinks that we forgot how MPs of the Verkhovna Rada rejoiced, watching a direct report from Odessa, where people were burned alive.

We remember all the crimes of the Kiev post-Maidan regime. I am sure that the guilty will sooner or later face trial. And I advise Dmitry Gordon not to compare other people according to his propaganda patterns.

Donbass is a free region with its own opinion and rights. It’s not hostile people that live here, but the most peaceful and hardworking people who are tired of the fascist policies of Kiev,” Vladislav Rusanov said.

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