Vladislav Rusanov: In sixth year, DRP’s residents believe any threats Ukraine makes against them

Zelensky’s coming to power has not changed Ukraine’s policy in relation to ways to settle the conflict in Donbass. This was stated by Deputy of the People’s Council Vladislav Rusanov in his commentary to the official website of the DPR.

ʺZelensky has not brought peace to Ukraine. Moreover, it is obvious that curators are still the same as he used to have and they are pushing Ukraine towards the path of war, under cover of which a new law on land has been adopted. And that means there is nothing positive to expect. In addition, a project for the reintegration of Donbass has recently appeared in the internet, which was sent to the head of the president’s office from the Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council. This proposal, which violates all possible human rights, is, in fact, absolutely Nazi.

DPR’s residents, remembering all they had to go through as a result of the aggression of Ukraine, expect the implementation of any repressive plans against them by Ukraine in sixth year.

In 2014, none of us could believe that it was possible to vandalize the centre of Kiev and commit a coup, to burn dozens of people, and to arrest the survived ones, no one of us believed that Donbass would be shelled, that an aircraft in the sky above Donetsk would bring death. We looked at killed people and we could not believe. But now we do. Ukraine has convinced us during these six years that if someone says he will kill you, he is going to do it,ʺ the deputy emphasized.

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