Vladislav Rusanov: New policymakers of Ukraine demonstrate hypocrisy and incompetence in their statements

The latest statements by Kiev politicians destroyed the hopes of the Ukrainians and clearly showed the incompetence of the new leadership and its hypocrisy. The deputy of the DPR People’s Council, Vladislav Rusanov, commented on the words of Ukraine’s representative at the Minsk talks Leonid Kuchma and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko.

“When the presidential and parliamentary elections were being held in Ukraine, ordinary Ukrainians had hopes that the new leadership of the country would stop the annihilation of Donbass inhabitants. However, the latest statements of Kiev politicians have destroyed the hopes of the Ukrainians and have clearly shown that the new government is even worse than the previous one, and more hypocritical. Ukrainian politicians tell the whole world how they are trying to build peace in Donbass, at the same time they question and do not fulfil the fundamental points of the Minsk agreements – the consolidation in the Constitution of Ukraine of the special status of the Republics and amnesty for parties to the conflict.

I am sure that the latest statements by Kuchma and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pristayko will be heard by France and Germany. Soon there will be a meeting in the “Normandy format”, at which Ukraine will be forced to peace. Because even Europe is tired of listening to the touring songs of Ukrainian presidents about how Russia does not want to implement the Minsk agreements, and this is despite the fact that the Russian Federation is one of the guarantor countries,” Vladislav Rusanov noted.

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