Yuri Leonov: Why do we need law on naming of geographical features

The Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council’s Committee on Agriculture and Land Resources and Deputy Yuri Leonov outlined the Committee’s work on a draft law on naming of geographical features.

ʺThe Committee is working on a draft law, which establishes the legal framework for the naming of geographical features.

The issue of naming of administrative and territorial units of the Republic is important both for ordinary people and state bodies, ministries and departments. After all, names of geographical features play a big role in the country’s defence, administrative practice, in the work of transport, ambulance, communication and police services, as well as of civil registry bodies.

This issue is especially important for our state, which has been subjected to armed aggression by the Ukrainian paramilitary forces for six years. For instance, while reporting any damage sustained during shelling by the UPF, is it essential to correctly specify an address and a name of an administrative-territorial unit of the DPR. These data are used, among other things, when defending the interests of the citizens of the DPR in the international arena and in the Minsk negotiations, and, of course, are important for the whole Republic.

Also, the draft law contains provisions regarding the use, registration, record keeping and preservation of names of geographical features as part of historical and cultural heritage. For example, the draft law will allow DPR citizens to initiate the return of historical names to geographical objects.

The draft law defines public authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the field of names of geographical objects, which is extremely important for compliance with the legislation in the field of geodesy and cartography,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

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